About Us

Our Mission

Project Freedom Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that develops affordable housing designed for people with disabilities and their families to empower them to live independently in their communities.  Read our history below video.


Our History

Project Freedom Inc. (PFI) is a 36‑year old organization dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to live independently through housing and related support services.  People with physical disabilities and other advocates started the organization.  They saw the need to build a barrier‑free apartment complex with support services to meet their collective needs.

PFI’s first agenda item was the construction of the apartment complex of 30 units designed specifically for people with severe disabilities in Robbinsville Township, NJ. 

As PFI moved through the construction of this complex, it created several related services to increase independence for people with disabilities.  These services now include Recreation, Transportation, Systems Advocacy, and Information and Referral. 

PFI also designed and constructed an innovative Shared Living House where five people with disabilities live independently without physical assistance or supervision. 

PFI then constructed a 48-unit complex in Hamilton, a 56-unit complex Lawrence Township, a 52-unit complex in the City of Trenton (which it does not own or manage), a 60-unit complex in Woodstown, Salem County, a 72-unit complex in Hopewell Township, Mercer County,   72 units in Toms River, Ocean County, 72 units in Westampton, Burlington County, 72 units in West Windsor, Mercer County, 72 units in Gibbsboro, Camden County, and 72 units in Robbinsville, Mercer County.