Housing Pre-Apps

Thank you for your interest in Project Freedom.  Please be aware that Project Freedom markets its apartments primarily to people with disabilities, but we do rent to others at some locations.  Applicants must be income eligible to be considered. We have six locations in Mercer County; two in Robbinsville, and one each in HamiltonLawrence, Hopewell, and West Windsor.  We have one location in Woodstown, Salem County. We have one location in Toms River, Ocean County, and one location in Westampton, Burlington County.  We also have one location in Gibbsboro, Camden County.

Our new complex in the Town Center of Robbinsville, Mercer County, is currently taking Applications.  

People with disabilities living in our apartments must be able to manage their lives or have services in place to assist them.  Project Freedom does not provide direct services to individuals.  Project Freedom is not a nursing home, assisted living, a group home, or a medical facility.  Project Freedom does not provide supervision or personal assistance.  Our apartments are administered like any other apartments through a lease and the lease holder must be of legal age. . 

Since many people with disabilities require Section 8 vouchers and Medicaid services for support, we warn people who live out of state their eligibility for these programs may be limited by living out of New Jersey.  The state directs services to its citizens first, and Project Freedom has no say or influence in this process.

Project Freedom operates apartments designed for people using wheelchairs.  Federal law gives preference to people who use wheelchairs, but people with other disabilities can and do live in our apartments.  Our “target market” is people with disabilities ages 18 to 55 since there are many age-restricted places for seniors, but we encourage everyone to apply.  We have a waiting list for some units with a low vacancy rate.  

Norman A. Smith
Associate Executive Director
Project Freedom 
223 Hutchinson Rd
Robbinsville NJ  08691
Fax 609-448-7293