Become a Tenant

Project Freedom rents apartments designed to be physically accessible for people with disabilities. We do rent to people without disabilities at four of our seven locations.   We have four locations in Mercer County; Robbinsville, Hamilton, Lawrence, and Hopewell.  We have one location in Woodstown, Salem County. We have one location in Toms River, Ocean County. We also have one location in Westampton, Burlington County.  Project Freedom is pleased to announce the near completion of our latest affordable housing communities: Freedom Village at West Windsor in Mercer county and Freedom Village at Gibbsboro in Camden county.  Tenant Pre- applications are being taken for both.  

All applicants must be income eligible to be considered.  Our legacy complexes, Robbinsville, Hamilton, Lawrence, require that the applicant or household member have a documented disability.

Future Tenant FAQs

If you are interested in renting an apartment at one of Project Freedom’s sites, this page may answer some of your questions. 

How does one rent a Project Freedom apartment?

Answer:  Start by filling out pre-qualifying application.  All tenants must qualify by income since Project Freedom’s apartments are funded under the Low Income Tax Credit program that is monitored by the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency (NJHMFA). Forms may be downloaded from Housing Pre-app Page or call one of the Project Freedom Locations to speak to a representative.

Do you have an application fee?


Are Project Freedom apartments only for people with disabilities?

No, Project Freedom provides a very inclusive living environment where people with disabilities live alongside of people without disabilities in family friendly communities.  All units are accessible so there are no identifiable “disabled” or “handicapped” units.

Is my rent determined by my income? 

No. Applicants must qualify by their yearly income. The IRS regulates who qualifies to rent an apartment at a Project Freedom site through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.  Income limits and maximum rents are set annually and  are county-specific. 

Project Freedom does accept rent subsidy from Section 8 vouchers, from the State Rental Assistance Program (SRAP), and from the Supportive Housing connection. 

Are there washers and dryers in apartments?

No. There are pay laundry rooms in each complex conveniently located.  Locations of the laundry rooms vary at each complex.

Once I sign a lease can another person move in with me? 

No. Only  after the initial lease period  of one year can household members be added.

Once I sign lease can a family member come stay with me? 

Yes, but only to visit and for not more than thirty (30) nights per year.           

Do we allow pets?    

Yes.  Cats and dogs are permitted. There is a weight limit for dogs and an additional pet fee may be charged per month. Service animals are permitted at no additional monthly fee

How does our waiting list work?

People who apply are placed on a waiting list. When a vacancy occurs, the applicant at the top of the list will be called.

How long is your waiting list?

This varies per site, and it depends on the vacancy rate and how far down the waiting list applicants are listed.  Project Freedom advises people that as long as they keep us updated on their current contact information, we will call them when a unit becomes available and when they are next  on the Waiting List.

Is there transportation from Project Freedom for doctors’ appointments, etc.?

Transportation is not provided by Project Freedom, however, most of our locations have or are served by NJ Transit from a regular bus route.  Also, some people with disabilities do qualify for Access Link which is a curb-to-curb transit service from NJ Transit. 

Do we have a gym?

No.  There are no gyms or exercise rooms at any of the Project Freedom sites.  Some sites  do offer yoga and exercise  classes from time to time in the community center.

Is there  on-site medical services?


Does Project Freedom provide services such as home health aides?

Project Freedom does not provide supervision, personal assistance, or direct services to individuals.  People who need services contract directly with those companies who provide those services.  As a result, there is no linkage to losing your housing if you which to switch service providers.    

Are “day programs” offered Monday to Friday at the Community Centers?

Not at this time. The community center is a place where tenants can have programs, parties, seminars, and  to enhance their lives.  The tenants can hold  family parties or events if their apartment is too small for such an  occasion.  Project Freedom also offers events and recreational opportunities for tenants during the year.