Current Situational Awareness Information and News Updates

On this page find news articles and other posts involving potential severe weather conditions and ongoing emergencies that may impact Project Freedom complexes, tenants, and staff.  This page is not intended to replace public warning message systems, apps, outlets, or networks.  Project Freedom urges everyone to avail themselves of these public warning message systems, apps, outlets, or networks.  Check out our Preparedness and Planning Information page for more information.

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  • From Norman’s Desk – May 2020 - It is May!  It is time for my annual rant as we near Hurricane Season. It is time to focus on the looming hurricanes season and the predictions by the Colorado State University tropical study program.  This year is no different—especially because we are in the tail end of the… ... Read more ...
  • From Norman’s Desk – March 2020 - This month you will be reading and hearing more about the emerging outbreak of Coronavirus-2019 (officially named COVID-19). The situation is very worrisome—especially if you have a disability.   Nevertheless, one of the key responses to this type of situation is getting accurate information and trusting the source of it. … ... Read more ...
  • In Natural Disasters, a Disability Can Be a Death Sentence - “Always ask people if they need help.” by Jenavieve Hatch,, December 30, 2018 Several of the 88 people killed in the Camp fire that devastated Butte County, California, in November had disabilities. Their deaths were only the latest example of a tragic reality: When disaster strikes, people with disabilities are disproportionately affected.… ... Read more ...