Donations to PF at Lawrence Brings a Delicious Thanksgiving to Tenants

Project Freedom at Lawrence was blessed to have received numerous food donations from extremely generous people, stores and restaurants to help the tenants celebrate Thanksgiving Day.

As always, The Knights of Columbus along with St. Anne’s church began the holidays with a huge donation of 28 turkeys that they delivered to the Community Room above the call of duty.

Fusion Employer Services’ employees went all out by further donating an amazing amount of food delivered from ShopRite. Butter, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, yams, corn and green beans all bagged up and sent to Lawrence tenants.  On top of all of that amazing food,  Fusion employees also had ShopRite donate 25 freshly made pumpkin pies.  Yum!!

In addition, Terhune Orchards enthusiastically donated 15 delicious homemade pies to tenants featuring apple, coconut custard, peach and mincemeat.  It was quite a treat.

Both ShopRite in Hamilton and Ewing were also generous in donating five turkeys each.  This helped a number of families in need to have a proper and delicious Thanksgiving meal.

With all of these amazing, lovely and thoughtful donations, Project Freedom at Lawrence was able to provide complete and delightful Thanksgiving meals for tenants in need helping to make their Thanksgiving a joyful one to remember!!